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Fineo vacuum glazing offers the warmth and comfort of triple-glazing and yet it's not much thicker than single glazing


What is vacuum glazing and how can it transform your windows?

Vacuum glazing is a new glass technology. It has two panes of glass like regular double glazing, but instead of an inert gas it has a very small vacuum layer. This vacuum layer means it is the thickness of single glazing, so it can be easily retrofitted into existing timber sash and casement window frames, making a huge difference to the warmth and comfort.

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Width (mm)


U-value W/(m²K)

compare fineo vacuum glazing with triple glazing
Triple Glazing Width = 36mm
Fineo Width = 7.7mm
Triple Glazing U-value = 0.8 W/m²k
Fineo U-value = 0.7 W/m²k
Triple Glazing Weight = 30 kg (based on pane 1m²)
Fineo Weight = 17.5 kg (based on pane 1m²)

Compare FINEO vacuum glazing with triple glazing

FINEO vacuum glazing is more thermally efficient than a 36mm triple-glazed unit, at just 7.7mm width it provides a U-value of just 0.7 W/m²k. This light weight slim profile makes it ideal to retrofit into most timber sash and casement window frames.

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Preserve historic wooden window frames

In protected buildings, replacing the original glass with modern double glazing is usually not an option. FINEO vacuum glazing not only preserves the authentic look of the building, but also brings thermal comfort up to modern standards.

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Recyclable glass


Years warranty


Enjoy more natural daylight and a quieter environment

As FINEO is so thin, you benefit from more daylight than with triple glazing, allowing you to enjoy more natural light during the darker months. And you can relax in peace and quiet, a world away from all the noise and bustle thanks to FINEO’s superb noise reduction, easily outperforming other glazing products typically installed in home and work environments.

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Natural daylight


Noise reduction


Nationwide sash window transformations

The only vacuum glazing made in Europe

Ultra-thin FINEO vacuum glazing is developed and produced by AGC in Belgium and distributed throughout the United Kingdom by Energlaze UK. Vacuum insulating glass (VIG) is the future of glass and glazing as it is not only more energy efficient, but it is also more sustainable. This is a key principle for AGC as FINEO is 100% recyclable, providing a cleaner, greener more energy efficient future.

Fineo vacuum glazing being inspected
sustainable vacuum glazing 
sustainable vacuum glazing 
sustainable vacuum glazing 
sustainable vacuum glazing 
sustainable vacuum glazing 
sustainable vacuum glazing