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About Fineo, AGC and Energlaze UK

FINEO is manufactured in Belgium by AGC and distributed throughout the UK by Energlaze UK.

About FINEO and AGC

AGC logo

With over a century of experience in crafting glass and six decades specializing in insulation, AGC Glass Europe, a leader in glass innovation, launched FINEO in 2019. Known for their pioneering spirit, AGC relentlessly pushes the boundaries of glass technology to deliver high-performance, long-lasting products. Sustainability is at the forefront of their development process, with half of their research and development budget dedicated to creating eco-friendly solutions and sustainable production methods.

AGC building

About Energlaze UK

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Energlaze are the approved distributors for FINEO in both the UK and Ireland.
FINEO is the first commercially available Vacuum Insulated Glass unit to be manufactured in Europe and Energlaze are proud to be the approved distributors. Energlaze has a proven track record when it comes to all things glazing. Especially retrofitting vacuum glazing into traditional timber sash window frames. Energlaze are glass experts and have been transforming the energy-efficiency of thousands of buildings in the UK and Ireland since 2012.

Energlaze installing Fineo