Harecraig House

Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Harecraig House, Broughty Ferry

Harecraig House is a listed building located in Broughty Ferry in Dundee. It was built in 1835. It fell into disrepair and required a lot of renovations to restore it and be compliant with building regulations associated with listed buildings.

That is why FINEO vacuum glazing was chosen to replace the existing single glazing. FINEO is ultra thin and can be easily retrofitted into the original timber frames if they are in good enough condition. It complies with Part L building regulations and can upgrade the warmth and comfort of the building instantly.

Installation of the vacuum glazing was was skilfully carried out by The Woodkeeper. They oversaw the project from start to finish and ensured that the original window frames were restored and that FINEO was retrofitted to transform the U-value from 5.8W/(m2K) of single glazing to 0.7 W(m2K) of FINEO.

Installation was completed by The Woodkeeper. Images are also from The Woodkeeper.

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Harecraig House